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Max też chce być zauważany {klik}:


Dwie blondynki oglądają w telewizji relację z biegu maratońskiego.

-Po co oni biegną?

-Pierwszy dostanie 10 tysięcy dolarów nagrody.

-To po co biegną pozostali?


Rozmawiają dwaj starsi panowie z brzuszkami:

-Podobno codziennie intensywnie uprawiasz gimnastykę?

-To prawda.

-A możesz już dotknąć prawą ręką swojej lewej nogi?

-Dotknąć? -Jeszcze nie, ale już zaczynam ją widzieć!


-Kiedy jest najwięcej wody na stadionie? -Kiedy Wisła gra z Odrą.

Trafia sportowiec do szpitala
- Ma pan 40 stopni gorączki
- A ile wynosi rekord Polski?

Podczas meczu piłkarskiego, siedzącego na trybunach malucha zagaduje mężczyzna siedzący obok:
- Przyszedłeś sam?
- Tak, proszę pana.
- Stać cię było na tak drogi bilet?
- Nie, tata kupił.
- A gdzie jest twój tata?
- W domu, szuka biletu.

Po latach nauczycielka spotyka swojego ucznia i go pyta?
Co tam u Ciebie, czym sie teraz zajmujesz?
Uczeń odpowiada: Wykładam chemie.
- To dobrze ci idzie, a na jakiej uczelni?
- Nie na uczelni, tylko w biedronce.

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Publikacje uczniów (angielski)

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Why this title? Four years ago in plebiscite abort the biggest of Polish, people decided, that Adam was behind great authorities – Jean Paul II and Joseph Pilsudski and he win with Federico Chopin, Mary Skłodowska – Curie, Adam Mickiewicz, Lech Wałęsa and many, many others. Why this modest person, famous in each country of Europe, gathers millions people in front of TVs and great Krokiew, which come here from all Poland? On these questions and some different we will answer in this short note, which will help you introduce this popular character.

Adam Małysz - he was born in 1977 in the small village near Zakopane. When he was twelve years old, take him in his wings Adam’s uncle and he became his first coach. Effective work caused, that when Adam had thirteen years, gained Poland Championship of juniors to sixteen years. Probably this ski – jumper will be jump by many years doesn’t recognizing, but thanks to competition in Oslo - Holmenkolen in 1995. When Walter Hoffer took him on that place, all Europe could see abilities of Adam Małysz, which won with the best jumpers in the world, like Andreas Widhoelzl, Noriaki Kasai, Kazuyoshi Funaki or Janne Ahonen. Next teenager became student of Apoloniusz Tajner( the pupil of Apoloniusz Tajner ), who chose physical therapist and psychologist ( Janusz Blecharz and Jan Dudek, Ireneusz Dzieciol). In the season 2000/2001 Adam won The Tournament of Four Ski – jumps. And it’s no end : his big talent he showed in second part of season, when he won eleven competitions and gained World Cup. Everybody remember emotional fight with Martin Schmitt, which ended Adam’s victory in World Championship Lahti 2001.

Next season was similarity, but our jumper won only four twice. Thanks to very good form ( nine second places and three third) in spite of excellent form of Sven Hannavald, who in beautiful way triumphed in The Tournament of Four Ski – jumps, Adam gained his second Crystal Ball.

Unfortunately in three season 2002/2003 Adam didn’t win. In great form were Janne Ahonen and Sven Hannavald, which won in Zakopane. But when ,,jumper from Wisla” triumphed in World Championship 2002/2003 in Val di Fiemme, everything came back to norm. Adam won every next eight competitions in Lahti, Kuopio, Lillehamer, Oslo, three twice in Planica and in Willingen. Sven Hannavald, who think he’ll win Crystal Ball, was shocked. Adam Malysz gained hi third World Cup.

Seasons 2003/2004, 2004/2005 and 2005/2006 didn’t were lucky for Adam. One twice won Jacob Janda, two twice Janne Ahonen. But in the season 2006/2007 to the ,, jumping scene” came new stars – Anders Jacobsen and Gregor Schlierenzauer. They won each competition and nobody believe, that polish jumper will be the winner of World Cup. And they were in great mistake. After World Championship in Sapporo 2006/2007 won in competition on medium ski – jump, our jumper gained in next seven competitions : Lahti, Kuopio, Oslo and three twice in Planica. So, history like repeated – Adam won his four Crystal Ball.

What Adam Małysz will has to has? Everybody will say : 12 wins in World Cup and gold medal in Olympics in Vancouver. So, Olympic Games in 2010, but World Cup will start at 17 November 2007. We take our fingers!


Rafał Wasiak, Milena Finkowiat, Jacek Filipiak, kl. II,,b”





Zinedine Yazid Zidane in Arabic :Zajn ud-Din Zidan was born 23 of June 1972 in Marsylia – ex French footballer, by birth Algerian, he played in left attack. In his career he played 796 offical meets and goind 156 gols. He finished it at World Championship 2006, earlier he Conducted nationality team to World Championship 1998 and Europe Championship 2000. In 2005 with Claude Makelele and Lilliam Thurmam Zidane came back to representation which were looking troubles and he has helped it pronated to World Championship 2006 in Germany.Thanks to two goals in World Championship 1998 with Brazil he wan the title “Footballer this Jear”. Debut in representation : 17 of August 1994 with Czech Republic (2:2, Zidane shut two goals for France). Zidane , the best footballer on left attack, was also the most expansive in the world-bring from Real Madrid to Jurentus for 75 mln euro. In years 1998, 2000, 2003 FIFA chose him the last footballer. With Real Madrid he won in 2002 Champious League. In final with Boyzern heverkusen he shut the most beautiful goal in Championskip 2001/2002. Final of the World Championship in Germany (9 of July 2006) was the last Zizouis match. This meet he finished red card –in 107 mimite play for heard hit in Italian , Marco Materazzi’s chest. This was one for many exanyles of racisun . Materazzi used olirty verbs offerded Zidane’s mother and sister. All the some Zidane gaind Gold Ball gives only the best footballer of World Championship. 18 of December he last only with Fabio Canavarro, but wan with Ronaldinho. In 1998 Zidane in Juventus Torino become the best footballer in the world according to the magazine”France Football”


Rafał Wasiak, II "b"




Cesc Fabregas (Francesc Soler Fabregas), was born 4 of May 1987 in Arenys de Mar Spanish footballer plays in offensive. The student of footballer school FC Barcelona. From 2003 player of Arsenal Londyn, where he has his debut at 23 of October 2003. In nationality team of Spain his meet he played 1 of March 2006.

Career in representation

In the World Championship U-17 in Finland he became the king of shooters and the best player of tournament. In spite young age Cesc in one of the most important characters in Louis Aragone’s team. Even coach of “ The Bulls” see in this teenager the successor of Lais Enrigue. Nowadays everybody thanks, that Fabregas is the best attacking in Spain. Often comparing with Xavi and Makelele, Cesc doesn’t talk about it and plays how he can. His debut in World Championship Fabregas ranked 14 of June 2006 in match with Ukraine. Spain wan the 4:0 and Fabregas showed his class. Unafortunately Spain fall in second round, when it met France with Zinedine Zidane. Fabregas is the future of Spain representation.

Career in the club

Francesc Fabregas from the youngest age played Football. When he was 13 years old, signed up to the biggest team in Spain FC Barcelona.

In spite many applications, Spanish can’t be in first junior team, become any coach didn’t see in him footballer, about which dreams each club in the world. Everybody said him, that he wan’t has career on the Camp Nou.

In 2003 teenager (he was 16 years old) come to Arsenal on a conguest of England. He did it : few months later footballer had his debut in The Gunners Team on the Match with Rotterdam United. First goal with cannoniers young Spanish shot in met with Wolverhampton Wanderers. Just then Fabregas become the younger goal shooter in the history of Arsenal London. Fans and government of FC Barcelona bitterly regreted, because on their wish they sold second Diego Maradona. It wasn’t the last success in Fabregas career in the next season he became the best footballer of Premiership and second player in Arsenal. In season 2004/2005 he was one of the most aspierenced footballers in his team. Spanish played 33 matches and Arsenal was in the final of Champions League.

When Patrick Vieira come to Juventus, coach Wenger chose him on a capitan of Arsenal. Cesc second twice showed his class: with his team played in the final of Chempions League 2005/2006. Season 2006/2007 is perfect for Fabregas. If any team will want buy him, must give 45 millions euro.

Francesc Fabregas- Kid without darkness.

The secret of Cesc Fabregas.

Deep break coach Arsene Wrenger in Autumn 2004 danger, because his team were very weak and he hadn’t choise. It was danger and uncomfortable: Coach had to believe in young teenager (he was sixteen years old). But Cesc, probably the best footballer this year didn’t run from field. So more, experience he captured very guick. Everybody was schocked, when this children win witch great stars, like Manchester, Barcelona, AC Milan and Sevilla. Fabregas wasn’t big magic in apposite to Ronaldinho or Kaka, he played respousodillity, the most impostant decicions undertook in few seconds. Coach Wenger promissed: Francesc won’t play more tham 12 matches. He lied: in 2005 teenager advanced 49 metts, next year 54. So what? Any polish footballer don’t plays 40 matches each year! On the end, coach Wenger said: Arsenal is your! It is only your team)”. Cesc Fabregas confirm this sentence: “Fabregas is parent’s cache’s dream, which discover, that world is in great mistake, that perfect children really exist”. And this is Francesc’s sentence aboyt Arsenal Londyn: (What Francesc thinks about Arsenal Londyn)-short dialogue:

R:Arsenal without Henry, but with Fabregas will be the winner of the Premiership. Do you believe it?

C:Of course! I feel the lider of Arsenal and I’m needed. I love everything in english football. Sometimes I’ve impression I’m child. It’s great!


Rafał Wasiak, II "b"

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Publikacje uczniów

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Publikacje uczniów


20 maja 2008 r. – Powiatowa Gimnazjada MOS w Stargardzie Szczecińskim

W ubiegłym miesiącu Miejski Ośrodek Młodzieżowy w Stargardzie Szczecińskim zorganizował kolejne zawody sportowe na stadionie dra Jerzego Cieśli. Oczywiście, jak co roku, nie zabrakło w nim naszych reprezentantów. Oto, jakie osiągnęliśmy wyniki:

100m kobiet

Ten dystans zawsze był naszą koronną konkurencją. Stąd tak wspaniałe wyniki: drugie miejsce Żanety Markiewicz ( 14,43s), trzecie Joanny Huninik (14,56) i ósme Barbary Duszkiewicz ( 14,98). Gratulacje dla dziewczyn za upór i wolę walki!

300m kobiet

Tu nasze reprezentantki spisały się nieco gorzej: szóste miejsce Dominiki Czyżak (52,6s), siódme Sylwii Gruchały (52,95), dziewiąte Katarzyny Ambroży (53,45), jedenaste Patrycji Buczkowskiej (54,13), trzynaste Marty Bośki (55,28), czternaste Sandry Woźniak( 55,65) i siedemnaste Aleksandry Dróżdż(57,92) to i tak powody do zadowolenia.

600m kobiet

Nasza jedyna zawodniczka, Anna Milewska, wywalczyła czwarte miejsce z dobrym czasem 1min59s. Gratulacje i słowa uznania.

4x100m kobiet

W tej konkurencji nasza zawodniczki regularnie zdobywały dobre miejsca. Niestety, w tym roku stało się cos, co można nazwać kaprysem losu – jednej z naszych dziewczyn w trakcie wymiany upadla pałeczka! Gdyby nie ten błąd, nasza sztafeta z dużą przewagą odniosłaby wielką wiktorię. Nie martwcie się, następnym razem pójdzie lepiej.

Skok w dal kobiet

Wielki sukces odniosła w tej dyscyplinie Joanna Huninik, skacząc 4,49m i nie dając szans konkurentkom. Słabiej niestety wypadły pozostałe zawodniczki: Dajana Zielińska (3,55) i Marlena Zawiślak(3,54).

Skok wzwyż kobiet

Nasza najlepsza reprezentantka Paulina Kulesz skokiem 135 cm zajęła drugie miejsce. Przypominam, że również do niej należy oficjalny rekord szkoły w Suchaniu (140cm).

Kula kobiet( 3 kg)

Aleksandra Bachanek pchając kulę na odległość 9,53m i uzyskując swój nowy rekord życiowy zajęła drugą lokatę. W przeciwieństwie do poprzednich zawodów, Ola bardzo się poprawiła. Oby tak dalej!

300m mężczyzn

Dość przeciętnie zaprezentowali się Emil Świderski (44,79) i 14.miejsce oraz Jacek Skórek (53,99) i 17.lokata.

Panowie, więcej treningu!


W tej konkurencji nieźle zaprezentował się Bartosz Sawiński (3.23.04), zajmując 11.miejsce.


Na tym bardzo długim dystansie ciężko o dobry wynik. Szczególnie, gdy ma się wokół siebie tak dobrych konkurentów. Dlatego nie narzekajmy na ósme miejsce Daniela Piesyka (7.21.45).

Skok w dal

Dosyć dobrze zaprezentowali się Czarek Spasiuk (5,14m) – 13.miejsce i Maciej Marynowski ( 4,94m) – 21.lokata.

Skok wzwyż

Świetnie ponownie wypadł Czarek Spasiuk, skacząc 155cm i Maciej Marynowski – 150cm. Jednak o zwycięstwie któregoś z nich nie było mowy – w osłupienie wprawiają 173 cm triumfatora!

Kula Mężczyzn(5kg)

Słabo wypadli nasi kulomioci – Rafał Wasiak z naderwanym mięśniem i po półrocznej przerwie w treningu uzyskał zaledwie 7,65 m. Dawid Szajek, pchając kulę na odległość 10,43m ustanowił nowy rekord szkoły i zajął siódme miejsce. Jak to skomentować? Ciężka praca czeka od przyszłego roku!


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